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I found this unfinished post sitting in a draft folder almost 4 months after creating it. The fact that it has no headline, and is unfinished seems appropriate. So now I’m posting it as is. 


One year as a parent. 

It changes your perspective on things. Life is different. Here are a few of the things I’ve noticed. 

1. News stories, movies, or TV shows where kids get hurt? I can’t. Just can’t do it anymore. 

2. Before I was a parent, parents would totally annoy me with that “oh, you’ll know someday" tone. And the look that went with the tone? It was so annoying. Now? I get it. 

3. But it never ends. Now its: “How old is he? 10 months? Oh, just wait.." or "you only have one? Oh, wait ‘til you have more…

4. Smiles and laughter. There’s nothing better. 

5. Ferris Bueller was right, life moves pretty fast. I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by. 

6. When it comes to being sleepless and tired, I actually have a lot of pre-parent experience. For more than 10 years I worked either overnights, or early (4am) shifts. I know what tired is.  

Parenting tired is mentally tired. You have to be 100% alert, because the responsibility is always 100% yours. It’s a different tired. It’s not harder, it’s not worse, it’s different. 

7. Time management and priority decision making is more important than ever. He’s napping… I have 60, maybe 90 minutes to get something done. What do I do? 

8. Leaving the house is totally different than before. I think it was on a Buzzfeed list that said “it’s like you’re going to the airport every time you leave the house.” Yep. Oh, and zippers. 

9. God bless Kirkyard Public House. Our neighborhood bar has high chairs. Did you hear me? Our. Neighborhood. Bar. Has. High. Chairs.


100 Greatest Springsteen Songs (according to Rolling Stone)


1. Born to Run
2. Badlands
3. Thunder Road
4. Racing in the Street
5. The River
6. Backstreets
7. Atlantic City
8. Darkness on the Edge of Town
9. Born in the U.S.A.
10. The Promised Land
11. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
12. The Ghost of Tom Joad
13. Jungleland
14. Nebraska
15. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
16. Prove It All Night
17. Incident on 57th Street
18. State Trooper
19. The Promise
20. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
21. I’m on Fire
22. Dancing in the Dark
23. Land of Hope and Dreams
24. Streets of Philadelphia
25. Stolen Car
26. Tunnel of Love
27. Highway Patrolman
28. The Rising
29. Brilliant Disguise
30. Wreck on the Highway
31. New York City Serenade
32. Because the Night
33. Spirit in the Night
34. Adam Raised a Cain
35. Tougher Than the Rest
36. Shut Out the Light
37. No Surrender
38. For You
39. My City of Ruins
40. Youngstown
41. If I Should Fall Behind
42. Meeting Across the River
43. Wrecking Ball
44. Downbound Train
45. Candy’s Room
46. This Hard Land
47. Lost in the Flood
48. Growin’ Up
49. Johnny 99
50. Death to My Hometown
51. One Step Up
52. I’m Goin’ Down
53. Hungry Heart
54. Streets of Fire
55. Independence Day
56. Lucky Town
57. Girls in Their Summer Clothes
58. Loose Ends
59. Reason to Believe
60. You’re Missing
61. Point Blank
62. Radio Nowhere
63. She’s the One
64. American Skin (41 Shots)
65. Walk Like a Man
66. Glory Days
67. Seeds
68. Your Own Worst Enemy
69. Cadillac Ranch
70. Better Days
71. Jack of All Trades
72. Gypsy Biker
73. Rocky Ground
74. Johnny Bye Bye
75. We Are Alive
76. Roulette
77. Two Faces
78. My Hometown
79. The Ties That Bind
80. Out in the Street
81. Night
82. Drive All Night
83. Lonesome Day
84. Pink Cadillac
85. Fade Away
86. Restless Nights
87. Bobby Jean
88. Devils & Dust
89. Blinded by the Light
90. Back in Your Arms
91. Ramrod
92. Sad Eyes
93. The E Street Shuffle
94. If I Was the Priest
95. All That Heaven Will Allow
96. Long Walk Home
97. County Fair
98. Brothers Under the Bridge
99. American Land
100. Fire